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A man born with great leadership quality and also have bravery and honor is known as America’s first President, a humble gentleman, and a great general, but how did he enhance himself as a man of this stature? George’s code answers this question with a new innovation about his historical and the astounding book that formed him.

Know about George Washington

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This is done by Austin Washington, who is great-nephew of George Washington’s.

Most George fans have overheard of The Rules of Civility” and well-read that this directed our first President. But that’s not the book that truly made George who he was. In George’s Code, Austin Washington discloses the secret that he revealed about George’s past that clarifies his true model for conduct, leadership, and honor. An example that we could all use.

The Education of George Washington presents “the first acknowledged clue to the creation of the young George Washington’s character”. Called one of the “most methodically researched books about George in 200 years”, and covering the most revolutionary discovery in 200 years, it is both” insightful and Delightful. Reward readers in today’s attention-deficit and fast-paced world.”

The first president of America Washington received his schooling at Appleby School in England. Father of George’s die when he was eleven vetoed this son. His father’s old friend, and later enemy, Rev. Jonathan Boucher, said that “George, like most people there about at that time, had no schooling than writing, reading and accounts which he was taught by a condemn servant whom his father acquired for a schoolmaster” but Boucher prospered to include so many imprecisions in his account of George, that even if this account were not definitely deceitful in several points, it could be rejected as valueless.

But who knows that in future he become the first president of America. Because of his uniqueness, bravery, and leadership quality he able to achieve his aims. And the same qualities of George Washington fostered in Austin, in imitation of the disregarded man who was his hero.

If you want to more about America’s first president then education of George Washington is an amazing historical read with some humor in it.


Know about George washington on leadership

George washington on leadership

You found yourself turning the pages, not knowing what would be next. Washington’s life took many turns and twists during his whole life. I found it surprising that the author, Austin found a record that was authored in George Washington’s own hand. The record had been over looked for centuries by historians. The record tells accurately how George Washington transformed from a poor boy into a great leader of America.

There are some facts about great Politian of America:

  • He is the only president to have been unanimously elected by the Electoral College
  • He was the only president inaugurated in two cities
  • George established the tradition of a cabinet of advisors
  • He was strapped for cash during his presidency
  • George signed into law the first copyright law
  • The first Thanksgiving Proclamation was issued by President Washington
  • He set precedents for the social life of the president
  • He vetoed only two bills while President
  • George’s Farewell Address has continued to have resonance over time
  • George’s second inaugural address is the shortest ever delivered

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